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As Subaru repair mechanics in Newcastle we see many issues that commonly affect them, we're going to highlight those issues here.

Excessive Road Noise - This is most often caused by one of two main issues. Either the wheel bearing is rumbling, or you have a faulty tyre. In some unlucky cases your Subaru may be affected by both. We are able to quickly repair or replace the problem parts for you.

Oil Leaks - Is there oil leaking from the left hand side of your Subaru's engine? It is not uncommon for Subaru's to have a leaking head gasket on the left head side. This usually starts as an oil leak then progresses to a coolant leak. We can repair it at any stage of the problem, but the sooner we can see and repair it the better! Our Newcastle Subaru mechanic team can quickly get the repairs performed for you.

While we're talking about oil... An area often over looked by Subaru owners is the cars engine oil levels. Carrying out regular checks, especially if you are driving on the freeway a lot, is essential. All you need is a tissue or rag to wipe the dip stick (which is easy to find, just pop the hood and look for the yellow plastic stick).

Cruise Control Not Working - If it seems like your Subaru's cruise control is broken don't worry. This often the result of a faulty O2 sensor putting the car into "Limp Home Mode". Using our Subaru diagnostic scan tools we can repair and rectify this issue.

All-Wheel Drive Problems - Subaru's are built to a very high standard and are built tough, however regular servicing is essential to keep the all wheel drive system fault free. Usually this only involves regularly changing fluids. During regular Subaru servicing we also always check front suspension bushes for wear. Checking rubber bushes and replacing them will reduce tyre wear significantly. We recommend regular tyre rotation and wheel alignments on a Subaru to help maintain that new car feel.

While we're talking about wheels... Is your front left side tyre showing more wear than your other tyres? We think that the increased usage of round-a-bouts in urban planning is causing more front left hand tyres wear on vehicles.

Cabin Air Filter - An Item that is often over looked during servicing is Subaru's cabin filter this cleans the air entering the cabin. The team at Newcastle Automotive Service never over-look the small details that keep your car running and feeling its best.

If your Subaru needs a quality service, or is experiencing any of these problems (or any other issues you may have) the team at Newcastle Automotive Services are here to help. Drive on in to our workshop at 33 Darby Street Newcastle, call us on (02)4929 4411, or just use our our online contact form.

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