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bmw logoWe're going to highlight some of the common problems that can affect BMWs and what we can do to service & repair them here in Newcastle.

Coolant Leaks - Coolant leaks in your BMW on the left side of the radiator could be from the radiator expansion tank or a cracked radiator tank. These components are made of plastic and can get brittle. We can replace these for you easily. A word of caution with coolant leaks in your BMW: it is necessary to properly bleed air from the coolant system in order to avoid costly cylinder head damage. Just adding coolant to a cooling system will not stop a car from overheating. Doing the job properly and professionally can help to avoid further damage to the system.

Oil Leaks - We also regularly see oil leaks common to BMW vehicles (both new and old). Often they are caused by a faulty or damaged valve cover gasket. If oil is leaking from the left hand side of the engine then the cause if often faulty or damaged oil filter housing o-rings. Leaks from the rear of your BMWs engine are often caused by vacuum pump o-ring leaks. Oil leaks from the front of the engine may be the o-ring on the sensors. We are also seeing an increase in BMW power steering pumps becoming a source of oil leaks.

Difficulty Braking / Stiff Brake Pedal - Having problems stopping your BMW? Most often we find this is caused by a faulty vacuum pump. This means there is no vacuum being applied to the master cylinder brake booster. In some cases we have determined that oil has found its way into the brake booster, damaging the diaphragm and preventing it from holding a vacuum. We can quickly replace your BMWs brake booster or vacuum pump here in our CBD workshop to get you back on the road.

Chugging / Engine "Misses" - If all services are up to date fixing an engine miss in your BMW is usually as simple as diagnosing and replacing a faulty ignition coil, we can quickly confirm this with a computerised electronic diagnostic scan of your cars Engine Control Unit (ECU). If your BMW is "chugging" under load this is usually caused by faulty/damaged spark plugs or ignition coils, we can quickly replace the problem parts for you.

ABS and Stability Control Fault Light - A fault light will be lit up on the dashboard of your BMW if the brake rotors or discs were worn too thin and new brake pads were installed without replacing the brake rotors. If your brake rotors or discs need repairing we can perform this service for you, BMW service lights can be reset by Newcastle Automotive Services with our service and diagnostic equipment.

Shuddering While Braking - Brake shudder on BMW vehicles is normally caused by thin brake rotors. At Newcastle Automotive Services we always replace pads and rotors together, and we always use premium quality pad material.

Slow / Sluggish Start - BMWs LOVE a good battery, and at NAS we only use the best quality performance parts. If your BMW is slow or sluggish to start you will need a thorough battery test and diagnostic scan. If your battery just isn't up to scratch we can quickly replace it for you. If the battery is not the cause of the problem we can diagnose and advise. Don't get caught out on a cold wet night!

If your BMW is experiencing any of these problems (or any other issues you may have) the team at Newcastle Automotive Services are here to help. Drive on in to our workshop at 33 Darby St Newcastle, call us on (02)4929 4411, or use our online contact form.

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